Unique Products

Each I Medici knife is unique.

The skilful handwork ensures that each knife is different from the other and gives them the high perceived value, typical of luxury handcrafted products.

Given the strong propensity of this brand for steak knives, the constant attention to the choice of quality materials and the obsession about details, we selected Saladini Cutlery as the best partner on the market for the production of I Medici knives.

Saladini craftmanship and expertise. Since 1841.

I Medici knives are produced by Saladini, a historical artisan company famous throughout the world for its exquisite knives which it has been producing since the mid-19th century.

Renowned not only for its experience and long tradition of craftsmanship, but also for extraordinary passion and creativity, Saladina continues to push the boundaries of excellence, producing luxury knives of the highest quality to meet the needs of 21st-century chefs and diners.


Professional Quality, Affordable Price, only Available Online

The reason for this is that I Medici knives are only available online, meaning that all intermediary costs that are built into a standard distribution chain are eliminated.

By pursuing a 100% online channel and by implementing some smart tweaks to the artisan production process, we can offer I Medici knives at a price that is far lower than other similar products created in the famed village of Scarperia.

We hope this allows more steak lovers and knife aficionados around the world to own a truly special luxury product that transforms cooking and dining into a unique experience every time.

I Medici knife blades stay sharper than any other knives I’ve ever used. These knives continue to glide effortlessly through the meat even after heavy use.