The Only Complete Knife Set that recreates the entire Gourmet Steak Experience

Steak Knives

Designed with a well balanced smooth blade that is larger and thicker than a traditional steak knife allowing for easier penetration into the meat and a precise linear cut. The smooth blades do not tear the meat tissue like serrated blades.

Sharpening steel

With dimensions and thickness calibrated to sharpen your knives to perfection, it is not only an extremely useful element, but also gorgeous to look at.


Feel like a real Tuscan butcher as you wield the optimally-weighted cleaver and cut the perfect thickness of steak.

Carving Knife

Its size allows for ease of cutting and extreme precision of movement when cutting around the bone.

Carving Fork

The Carving Fork has compressed dimensions and is thicker than standard carving forks allowing you to put more force into stabilizing the steak, making it easier to cut. Use the Carving Fork to serve while dining.

MA5 Steel Blades for better Steak Cuts

MA5 Steel is corrosion-resistant and has a high level of hardness (58-60 HRC) which is obtained by adding nitrogen to the metal mix.

This allows blades to maintain sharpness far longer than softer steel.

MA5 Steel is also flexible enough to bend without breaking, so you can cut even the thickness steaks with ease.

Precision-designed Blade Angle for Optimal Cutting and Sharpness

I Medici knives feature a unique rounded blade each, called “a mela” which describes the rounded form, as though it were an apple.

Perfectly shaped to create a more uniform cut and better penetration of the steak, the blade is also easier to sharpen.

Luxury, aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail

Every piece of olive wood that goes into the handle is hand-selected from precious Tuscan olive trees and massaged with natural oil to create its wonderful unique finish.

Innovative hex rivets ensure the handle is securely fixed to the blade.

The image of the Scarperia Castle tower in the center of the handle symbolizes the link with the Tuscan area of Mugello, the original home of the famed I Medici dynasty.

Functionality and safety without compromise

I Medici knives feature smooth blades that are thicker than the average you will find in similar products. This makes it easy to cut even the largest and thickest steaks with precision, while the ergonomic shape of the handle makes the user feel safer, more comfortable and in complete control.

A Timeless Gift for yourself or Someone Special

Presented in a beautiful birchwood box, with elegant burnt logo, I Medici knives represent the perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, quality and uniqueness.
Whether you keep them for yourself so that you can create an extraordinary steak experience, or gift them to a steak lover, they will create a special family tradition that is destined to last through the generations.