Saladini Cutlery is a synonym of excellence.

Each I Medici knife is unique. The craftsmanship ensures that each knife is different from the other and gives them the high perceived value, typical of luxury handcrafted products.

Steak knives that fear no comparisons

Luxury, aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail

From the innovative hexagonal rivets, to the Scarperia castle tower in the center of the handle, to the meticulous selection of the perfect piece of olive tree wood, nothing is left to chance.

MA5 Steel Blades

Exceptionally tough steel means the blades maintain their sharpness much longer. They are also subjected to cryogenic treatment which increases their elasticity. Blades are thicker than the average knife and boast excellent resistance to corrosion.

Precision-designed Blade Angle for Optimal Cutting and Sharpness

The specially shaped blade, a feature of Saladini knife-making tradition, is perfectly calibrated so that it cuts through the meat more easily and uniformly, and is also designed to facilitate sharpening.


The perfect gift

Presented in elegant wooden boxes, I Medici knives represent the perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, quality and uniqueness. A special and thoughtful gift to mark an important birthday or milestone, they are ideal not only for steak lovers, but for hosts who love to entertain and create extraordinary experiences for their guests.

I Medici knife blades stay sharper than any other knives I’ve ever used. These knives continue to glide effortlessly through the meat even after heavy use.

The Medici Family Tuscan History of Steak

The name I Medici is a homage to one of Italy’s most famous dynasties, widely considered the leading lights of the Italian Renaissance.

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